Process Equipment

Gas Metering & Regulating System
Gas Metering Regulating

Gas metering and regulating system for gas turbine is a skid-mounted gas supply equipment for gas turbine

Metering & Regulating System Of Self-used

Metering and regulating system of self-used gas within the station is a skid-mounted gas supply equipment

Skid-Mounted Oil Mass Flow Meter

The skid-mounted oil mass flowmeter includes four parts: filtering system, metering system

Pressure Control System

Pressure control system in the gas transmission station is a gas pressure control device used in the gas transmission station

Mobile Injection, Dissolution & Dilution System

The main function of Injection System is mixing the material with crude oil, stirring the material

Turbine / Ultrasonic Metering System

Turbine / ultrasonic metering system is a skid-mounted metering system for custody transfer metering

Skid-Mounted Pressure Reduction Metering Station

The skid-mounted pressure reduction metering station (industrial gas) is a regulator station specially

Skid-Mounted CNG Pressure Reducing Station

Skid-Mounted CNG Pressure Reducing Station is a set of Pressure Regulating and Metering Equipment,

District Regulator Cabinet

District regulator cabinet is a gas pressure reduction metering device specially designed for urban resident sub-district

City Gas Gate Station/Storage & Distribution Station

City gas gate station/ storage and distribution station is a large skid-mounted regulator station specially designed

Gas Gathering Skid

A set of gas production and gas well to summarize system, gas-water separation system, drainage

Filter Separator

Gas filtrating separator is an important equipment in gas transmission and distribution system

Gas Scrubber

Elite have designed and supplied many gas scrubbers and absorber systems to a variety of chemical and process industries.

Pig Launcher and Receiver

Pig launcher & receiver are important parts of pigging equipment on long distance pipeline,

Pressure Vessel

Pressure Vessel is an important equipment in gas transmission and distribution system.

Heat Exchanger

Heat exchanger is an important heat exchange equipment in petrochemical application situation.